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  • Think Outside the Flights and Hotel Box (Argentina and Turkey)

    Wellness Tourism is another reason Name the Stadium goes even further that Sports tourism and Entertainment Tourism

    Wellness Tourism and the need for R&R!

    I recently came across the Travel Argentina website and was attracted to a list of relaxation ideas you can do while traveling to this great country. So I decided to highlight some key rest and relaxation ideas for you, here are some suggestions posted on the site. 

    Health Tourism:

    • Prestigious medicine professionals
    • Latest generation technology
    • Personalized attention
    • Comfort and unique touristic attraction 


    • Massage
    • Hydro-Massage
    • Facial Mask
    • Reiki Therapeutic and Body Treatment
    • Gym and Pilates

    You can also visit the Travel Argentina site for their list of Thermal Spas:


    Name The Stadium Recommended Locations:

    Rest and relax with Name The Stadium

    Another Recommended Location for relaxation:

    Crowne Plaza Hotel at Izmir Bay Turkey

    Hotel includes:

    • Fitness Center
    • Turkish Baths
    • Massage Therapies
    • Saunas 
    • Beauty and Care Treatments
    • Thermal Pool
    • Whirlpool and Spa center
    • Indoor and Outdoor Pool
    • Bars and Fine Dining 

    See pictures -->http://www.crowneplaza.com/hotels/us/en/izmir/izmtr/hoteldetail/photos-tours 

    Now what are you waiting for! 



  • Whats Hot 3/29/11

    Hello and welcome to the first post in the "Whats Hot" series! Here we will bring you the "Whats Hot list" based on the trending topics in social media and current events focusing in around sports and entertainment tourism. Let get started!

    Final Four 2012

    Whats Hot List:


    • LA Dodgers >direct link<  In case you haven't heard already a group including Magic Johnson agreed to buy the LA Dodgers for 2 billion dollars. Magic Johnson declared on ESPN he will be heavily involved with the organization to assure it strives towards putting a competitive team on the field. This give Dodgers fans the incentive to come out and be part of this great organization's growth. 
    • MLB opening day >direct Link< Baseball is back in full swing one week from today! Here is the first week schedule >MLB schedule< Games include Mets vs Yankees, Angels vs. Dodgers, and Oakland vs. San Fran 
    • NCAA Final Four >direct link< March Madness continues this weekend with the battle of Kentucky, Kentucky vs Louisville and Kansas vs. Ohio State! Catch it all Sat, March 31 
    • WWE Wrestle Mania XXVIII >direct link< -Here we are again boys and girls. The Superbowl of WWE wrestling is back and the card is better then ever! Cena vs. The Rock, Undertaker vs. Triple H, Orton vs Kane and much more check out link for more show announcements >WMXXVIII<

    The Boss at SXSW

        2. Concerts

    • Bruce Springsteen >direct link< the legendary Rock Icon recently spoke at SXSW has tour dates coming up at the following locations: Philly, DC, Jersey, NY (MSG), LA, Berlin and more!
    • Madonna >direct link< as of late Madonna has been as controversial and mesmerizing  as ever calling Lady Gaga a copy cat and lighting up the Superbowl halftime show her MNDA tour is coming to Milan, Berlin, Paris, Boston, and even Yankee Stadium. 
    • Pitbull >direct Link< Speaking about halftime performances did you get a chance to catch Pitbull at the NBA Allstar game halftime show. If not you might want to buy yourself a Pitbull concert ticket. Even Charles Barkley raved about how great a performer Pitbull is! You wont regret it. 

         3. Kids Events and Plays 

    • Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus >direct link< The always exciting kings of the rings circus will show you they are still the greatest show on earth.
    • The Fresh Beat Band  >direct link< Go Bananas with Nick's The Fresh Beat  Band in this fun filled show that the kids will remember forever!
    • Lion King >direct link< This awesome Disney show is year in and year out a fan favorite. If you never seen it you should, and if you have seen it already you know you want to see it again.  

    This is a small taste of all the fun that can be booked with Name the Stadium! NOW REMEMBER we book all flights and hotels stays as well, so if you want to take a trip to St Lucia, Hawaii, or even Paris you can skip the show (but why do that) and just book a getaway with the family through Name the Stadium! Your Happiness is our success. Your just a few clicks away.

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